Sabtu, 15 September 2012

is he changed?

hi bloggy i was busy hihi and you know? is he changed? he is different or im too sensitive? je ne sais pas (i dont know) all what he said make me bored or tired, i really dont know what i feel.
i know he still love me but..... there something on him. he said that he need more girl like me over there. he still love me not the others. he said he would be jealously if i have boyfriend over here. he really worries about it. he said that he not afraid to lose me. for him, afraid is wrong word. afraid is like a fear. he just would miss me if i go. and some of my friends said thats so sweet. he is so sweet. but i called he is changed. theres something wrong on me? i dont know. i really dont know about myself now. i just too sensitive lately. and now im so regret and he not online anymore. aaah bloggy, what should i do?

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