Minggu, 09 September 2012

he is really busy

hi bloggy, how are you today?. lagi seneng nulis nih bloggy hehe gapapa kanya curhat terus :p
i message him last night. i said i miss him. and 4 hours later, he reply my message. he said "hi babe, sorry i havent been online much, i've been very busy, i'll try be online more. i miss you too. i always love getting messages from you <3" yaampun bloggy, nyesel tidur cepet cepet hahaha
simple messages from him could make me happy. i dont know why. i just do. he is really make my day so colorful. he really make me crazy.
i always wait him. no matter how long. everyone called it crazy. but, i called it love. and i dont care what people says. i felt in love with him, not with people. and i never share about our relationship to the others. you know why?
first, because i dont want everyone called me crazy or underestimate me or say thats impossible to have relationship with "bule". but im not liar. thats true.
second, i dont know im in relationship with him now, or we just have in an open relationship. gue sih selalu nganggep jadian, because we have same feel.
and many more reason about that. but i dont care what people said. i just dont like with people who judge me or him. if i know, i really angry with them. because they dont know him like i know him.
i fall in love with him, and no one can replace him now.
see you next post dehh, bye bloggy :*

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