Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012


bonsoir bloggy, comment vas-tu? je vais bien, merci. bloggy, i have 2 choice about my love stories. back to my past or keep my future. i know what should i choose right now. i never regret my past,  i just regret the time i've wasted with the wrong people. all the thing i do just learn from mistakes and dont ever look back. about my future, he is the best man i ever had. i just feel empty when you not with me.
sad? its not me. im cheerful, im strong girl. i know that my cheri was busy. i proud of him. he is different. i know he have to studyhard and workhard to meet me soon in Indonesia. yeah, he will go to Indonesia again.
and how about my past? he is nothing. like i said, he is never serious. to me and to other girls, i think. im not stupid to wasting my time with him anymore. he is jerk. he always makes me hurt. is he good guy? BIG NO!! good guy will never hurt everyone he loved. i say that i dont care about you anymore, but i know everything about you. i know what you did with your ex. i know how broken heart your ex because your act. you seems like you dont have heart, feeling etc. easy for you to make a girl loving you. but not for me. i never be the same. girls heart isnt toy, so you cant play it. and i always learn from my mistakes. to not loving you anymore.
when i love someone, i love with all my heart. when i say words, i say what i feel. and when i tell you about the stories, i tell the truth. im not liar. *backsound everybody knew* *thats for my ex* wkwk
love is blind. yeah i know. but when you be aware, i swear you'll be regret about your past. and you will know that every words i say is true. im not bother your relationship. he come to my life. he text me and then we are going to hang out. thats not my faults. he ask me "do you have a boyfriend?" and i say "no, i dont. but i have candidate of my husband" maybe you think that im kidding, but its true. im not kidding.
if you want to ask me "why you hang out with him?" i will answer "is it wrong if old friends hang out together?" pourqui pas?
messages from me "learn from mistakes. if he loving you, he will never make you hurt" believe me. you will know that im truth when you aware you love the wrong people. you want to changed him? i dont think your mission will be success. playboy have thousands way to lying. thinking before doing something :)
alors, c'est fini. bonne nuit ma cheri et bonne nuit a tous. fait beaux reves :)