Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

welcome august

hai bloggy how are you? im sorry for not posting, i was very busy. i have a lot good news nih bloggy yg gasempet di share beberapa bulan lalu. bloggy, Alhamdulillah aku keterima kuliah jurusan bahasa perancis hehe semua karena dukungan dari orang2 tersayang, especially him. he really really support me. he is the best man i ever had <3
now is august and im very love this month. you wanna know why? because thats my birthday month and in this month  a year ago, i meet someone. he's very very speacial to me. yep  he is jack smith. honestly, i havent feel to him but day by day he can touch my heart. i dont know why, i just do. he treat me right, he always make me happy, he never lie to me, and in his eyes, im his beautiful girl.
he said he never wanna see me cry, sad and hurt. he said that im the only girl for him. he said that he will be loyal. aaaah he is irreplaceable. he teach me alot of things. and he motivation me. he make me have alot of dreams, and he is a part of my dream. he made me like english language, he make me wanna going to Australia. yeah i'll go there to meet him. i wish i could
sometimes i got tired of waiting. waiting him to come to Indonesia again. i dont know when he will. if he can going here right now, sure he will. but he needs alot of money. he said i dont have to waiting him, but i dont know why i still do until now. and i still love him
so many man i know but he is the one that i really love. every little thing he did to me, nobody else can do. every li'l thing he do mean alot for me. he is my number one. i never felt this way before. he is the first. sometimes its sound weird but i dont know why.
i just hope he will going here again to meet me. lucky me to had him. and he deserve me too. he make me special because im special too :p
hope this month in this year will be better than august last year.

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